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Fashions change but western elegance remains intact with GOWEST and with it, difference, sincerity and optimism, values that are the foundation of life, beyond style.

For more than 50 years, this French brand of western boots has known how to conquer the hearts of women and men, proud, passionate and free, constantly pushing back the boundaries to go where their dreams lead them.

Cowboy boots, tiags, boots, ankle boots ...

We need names to tell the story of GOWEST boots, the only ones capable of giving a free gait!

Of all the accessories in a locker room, a pair of GOWEST makes all the difference. Beveled heels, pointed toes, the allure is here: cool and adventurous!

Everything is possible with GOWEST and it's all up to you. Freedom reigns and makes you king, so...




With its American name, GOWEST remains the first and only French brand of western boots which, from its creation in 1974, claimed the legend of the American West by adding its trademark: style, chic and French know-how. .

Originally, there is the father, Jean Guillemette, alias John West, who knows that “made in USA” boots have not been made for a long time, the majority of the production coming from Mexico and leather. from Europe.

So, supported by his clan, this ex-publicist launches out and imprints his "French touch" on cowboy boots. Very quickly, his brand GOWEST met his aficionados and the “tiags” became essential for jeans as well as for suits. They are worn at Castel or at the Saint-Ouen flea market.

Personalities like Gérard Lanvin, Philippe Labro or Johnny Hallyday become the icons. Today the legend continues with his son Olivier and the success remains intact. Fans of rare exotic skins, fans of beveled heels, buy their boots with confidence, sure of their quality.

And every day when they wear them, “Go West, young men” they seem to tell them.


« This isn’t my first rodeo… »

Olivier Guillemette knows what he is talking about when it comes to boots. Cradled in western culture, he took up the torch of the family business and ensures its success story.

“Nourished by the myth of the American West and its heroes, this American heritage is mine and the family business is my whole life. I keep intact the passion for the great outdoors and the daring cowboys that are part of my DNA. Over time, my clients have become my friends and I love their way of life, free from all fashions. They can count on the quality and fair price of their boots and they know they will go a long way with them. Quite simply because I put my sincerity in their manufacture and distribution, without intermediary. I work like a craftsman, selecting the best leathers, checking each of the 200 stages necessary for their design, with respect for the product.

Like a Michelin-starred chef, I know the origin of my leathers, the details of the stitching. I know how to associate rawhide with sophisticated inlays. I dare to use more original combinations of colors and shapes that meet the desires and expectations of my loyal customers.

You don't become a cowboy, you are born with a pair of GO West on your feet.

We live for and with her, and that is my trademark."



GOWEST did not wait for the trend, or the comeback of handmade, to perpetuate in its exclusively Mexican workshops, the cult of American boots and their excellence.

The requirement, its other hallmark, is to be present everywhere to make unique, comfortable and durable models with responsible production far from any industrialization.

The family business has always entrusted its manufacture to artisans in the city of Leon in the state of Guanajuato, where it is proud to participate in economic and social development.

The love of fine leathers, the beauty of the gesture ... From the first to the last stage, the production remains attentive to the American heritage and to the very French criteria of elegance.

The models are made on site and mostly by hand. The 200 gestures required to design a GOWEST explain that each worker makes only 4 pairs of boots per day. The origin of the skins (coming exclusively from cattle intended for food) and the respect for working conditions guarantee exemplary quality.

Independent and master of its own destiny, GOWEST is committed to respecting a virtuous policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility, for the benefit of its employees and its customers, convinced that its boots belong to those who make and wear them and that a good part of life.

You have to have the codes to wear a pair of GO West, ride a Harley or not, but be a cowboy or a cowgirl at heart and be part of a story.

Our enterprise

The gradual disappearance of stores presenting our products has led us to offer our boots via the Internet.

Today, you have access to all of our collections via our sites: www.Gowest.fr / www.bootsbazarsantiag.com (Outlet) and www. Gowest-boots.com (USA)

We have developed the PEDIMETER with which you can check your size both in length and in width.


In this way, we limit delivery errors and we will avoid the round trips to the post office. We remind you that we bear the outward and return shipping costs from € 200 of purchase.

You can also order 2 sizes of the same model that you like and return the pair that does not suit you free of charge. Finally, thanks to ALMA, you will be able to have an easy payment system in X times without charge.

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